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George's Imports Ltd is not a typical service center. With a rich history spanning 68 years, the Schaffner family has specialized in the passion of imported automotive perfection.

For over 49 years George's Imports Ltd was the exclusive Saab dealer in Kansas City Missouri. Even now, outlasting the manufacturing of new Saab automobiles.

George's Imports Ltd is the area’s only Factory Authorized Saab Service Center for warranty and service. When the French manufactured Citroen imported vehicles to the United States during the 1960’s and 70’s, George's Imports Ltd was Kansas City’s only authorized dealership.

The following timeline gives you a glimpse of the world of George's Imports Ltd

Word Events
Saab Timeline
George's history

1920, women vote
1921, First White Castle
1923, Louis Armstrong, The Jazz Age in Chicago
1924, J. Edgar Hoover appointed director FBI
1925, Hitler publishes Mein Kampf
1927, Lindbergh flies "Spirit of St. Louis" NY to Paris
1928, Charleston is "worldwide" dance craze
1929, Stock Exchange collapses (Black Friday)
Saab Plane & Car
1922, George B Schaffner, Sr. born

Country Club Plaza - Kansas City
1923, Country Club Plaza opens in Kansas City


1933, worst year of Great Depression?
1934, Adolf Hitler comes to power in Germany
1935, U.S. Social Security Act
1939, Stalin-Hitler non-agression Pact, followed by WWII
1937, First use of the name SAAB, an acronym for Svenska Aero Aktiebolaget, established in Trollhättan to build an aircraft to defend Sweden's neutrality. Pioneered innovation of ejection seat for aircraft. In August work starts on construction of The aircraft assembly plant and airfield at Stallbacka and Malöga. 1930's, George works as a machinist for both Wilcox Electric and a local machine shop.

1940,WORLD WAR II: Hitler invades Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France
1941, Manhattan Project begins
1942, Pearl Harbor, America enters the War.
1945, WWII ends.
1947, Over 1 million vets enroll in colleges under GI Bill
1948, Truman re-elected (vs. Dewey)
1940 - 1946 As the war ends the decision is made to use its design and engineering abilities to build automobiles.
1947, the 92 was approved for production by Saab's directors.
1949, the first Saab 92s arrived in Swedish showrooms with a 25-hp, two-cylinder, two-stroke engine, a top speed of about 62 mph, and a price tag of 6,550 kronor.
1940's, George works at a cement factory keeping the cement block machine working.
1949, George B. Schaffner, Jr. (Brad) born January 2

1950, North Korea invades South Korea
1951, Korean War continues
1952, Nixon's "Checkers" speech
1953, Stalin dies
1954, Brown v Bd of Education of Topeka,
1955, RCA signs Elvis Presley
1956, Federal-Aid Highway Act
1957, USSR launches Sputnik
1958, Chuck Berry records Johnny B. Goode
1950, Customer deliveries commence in Sweden. Saab wins the Rikspokalen, considered the toughest and most important rally in Sweden.
1955, Saab 93 replaces the 92 with totally new suspension, newly launched tubeless tyres, new front and grille and a 748cc 33hp three-cylinder engine.
1956, 93 first car Saab offered to the US market made its debut at the New York International Auto Show. But Millet felt the 93 was capable of more. Saab entered the Great American Mountain Rally, a 1500-mile trek over wintry New England trails. Of course, the 93 took first place. With the resulting publicity, sales bloomed overnight. Within twelve months, 1,410 93s had been sold, and the company had firmly established the link between performance, durability, and the name Saab.
1956, Saab Sonett Super Sport prototype debuts. An open two-seater fiberglass sports car with light alloy frame developed to meet new competition rules.
(1958 - 1968) Saab Granturismo 750/850/Monte Carlo 850
1959, Saab 95 station-wagon version is launched. This featured fold-down, rearward facing third seat; making it a 7-seater
1951, George B. Schaffner drives his own truck for Allied Moving and Storage, finds the job un-fulfilling and returns to the Cement Block Factory
1953, Terry L. Schaffner born June 18th 1953
1956, George Schaffner opens Quonset hut housed garage in Liberty, MO.
1957, Brad was eight years old when his dad sat him on the fender of a truck to hone cylinders.

1960, Gary Powers shot down in U-2 over USSR
1961, Construction of Berlin Wall
1962, Cuban Missile Blockade
1963, JFK assassination.
1964, Gulf of Tonkin
1968, RFK Shot
1969, Woodstock
1960 Saab 96 which replaced the 93 is revealed on February 17 with major exterior changes and improvements including flow-through air-circulation, and a larger and more powerful engine. The 96 was the mainstay of sales throughout the 1960’s.
1962, Saab introduces safety belts as standard equipment several years before becoming mandatory.
1962, Saab produces it's 300,000 car
1967, Saab introduces the safety steering column
1967, Saab Sonett II arrives. Designed specifically for the US market to bring glamour to the Saab name where European rally success had little impact. Initially launched with the two-stroke engine, but is soon changed to the four-stroke V4.
1969, Saab introduces the 99 which has been in development since 1962
1960's Working out of his garage at home, George B. Schaffner, Sr. develops a reputation for his ability to repair all of the unique and interesting cars coming from Europe. His sons, George Jr. "Brad" and Terry work closely with their father over the next several years.
1964,, George's Foreign Car Service moves from his home garage to Prospect Ave. and becomes an Authorized Citroen Dealer.
1966, Moves Citroen Dealership to 8106 Prospect
1967, Bran Graduates from High School. Terry Schaffner rebuilds his first engine at age 14.
1969, Brad enters the military. Is stationed in Nebraska and works at a Citroen dealership there.

1970, Voting age lowered to 18
1971, Pentagon Papers Published
1972, Last U.S. military leave Vietnam
1973, Spiro Agnew resigns
1974, Nixon Resigns
1975, Patty Hearst found by FBI
1976, Bicentennial celebrations
1977, Dollar drops, President Carter
1978, mass suicide Jonestown, Guyana,
1979, Ayatollah Khomeini, oil shortages
1971, Headlight wiper-washers, heated driver’s seat and self-repairing bumpers. Saab wins first international safety award.
1972, Saab introduces side impact safety reinforcements
1974, Saab 99 range of 2 and 4 door sedans is broadened with the launch of the Combi Coupe. A 3-door hatchback, a concept that became a hallmark for Saab in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.
1976, Saab introduces the Turbo, One millionth Saab car leaves the assembly line in Trollhättan.
1978, The Saab 900 is launched, based on the Saab 99 platform but with a longer wheelbase, new front and new interior. Initially available as a 3 or 5-door hatchback. The era of the modern Saab begins. Saab introduces cabin ventilation air filter to remove pollen and other impurities from the air coming into the car.
1972, Terry Schaffner graduates from High School.
1972, Brad marries Bobbi while stationed in Nebraska
1973, Brad returns from military service and works with father. Last year Citroen is imported to the U.S.
1974, Brad begins racing for fun and experience.
1974, Brad and Bobbi have a daughter, Kerrie
1976, George becomes a Saab dealership, moves to 7746 Warnall Rd. and becomes George's Imports Ltd. Bobbi begins working at George's Imports Ltd.

1980, Unemployment soaring, 16% interest
1981, Iranian hostages released
1982, Viet Nam Veterans Memorial "Wall" dedicated
1984, Reagan re-elected
1985, Swiss requires catalytic converters
1986, Stock Market closes above 1600 for first time
1987, Hearings on Iran-Contra
1988, Savings & loans failures
1989, USSR: first contested elections
1982 Saab introduces asbestos-free brake linings
1983, Saab introduces 16 valve engines
1984 Saab 9000 press launch. Only the third all-new model in Saab’s history. It is initially planned as a large 5-door luxury car with a sedan profile but with the practicality of a hatchback.
1985, Saab introduces safety belt tensioners
1986, Saab introduces the turob convertible and anti-lock brakes
1988, Saab introduces Traction Control, Drivers side air bag and climate optimized exhaust control.
1987, Brad wins Saab's Master Technician Competition and a trip to Bermuda
1988, George B. Schaffner, Sr., founder passes on from Leukemia.
1989, Racing a Saab 99 on the 1/2 mile oval track and George's Imports wins often!

1990, August 2 Iraq invaded Kuwait causing a international crisis.
1992, Bill Clinton Elected President
1990, Saab enters joint venture with General Motors to form Saab Automobile AB.
1991, Saab 9000CS is unveiled as a major facelift and upgrade of the Saab 9000. New front and rear, completely new inner body structure achieving greater crash resistance, road holding and side collision protection. Saab introduces CFC-free Air Conditioning
1992, Saab Trionic engine management system with 32 bit microprocessor is launched in the Saab 9000.
1993, All new Saab 900 is launched in Trollhättan and receives high praise for new safety features, new 2 liter turbo engine and new V6 engine.
1994, Saab 900 3-door "Coupé" and new Saab 900 Convertible are unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.
1996, Saab reveals unique Active Head Restraint System, SAHR, at the Geneva Motor Show.
1997, Saab celebrates their 50th Anniversary.
1998, Saab replaces the 9000 with the 9-5, Saab replaces 900 with the 9-3
1990, Terry's Sr.'s Son starts working for George's.
1991, Kerrie Schaffner, (Brad and Bobbi's daughter) turns 16 and wins Powder Puff Derby driving a Saab.
1992, Kerrie wins "Rookie of the year" at race track.
1995, George's Imports, Ltd. Moves to it's new location at 8011 State Line Road.
1998, Tom Toler joins as Sales Manager. George's Imports launches, kcsaab.com

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